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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  March 16, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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cnn is on the ground in the remote island nation of vanuatu, a country rocked by a devastating storm. this suspect is behind bars in the shooting of two police officers in federal ferguson. and -- in ferguson, missouri. and a medicalaire real estate u.s. air under arrest, accused of a killing that's gone unsolve for 15 years. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. >> glad to be with you. i'm zain asher. this is "cnn newsroom." right now residents of the pacific salon nation of vanuatu -- island nation of vanuatu are trying to repair extensive damage to their homes. a lot of this going on in the capital city. >> that's right. 90% of the housing has been destroyed or damaged. schools and hospitals even churches have been wrecked. the humanitarian group oxfam
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says vanuatu is dealing with a worse than worst case scenario even as aid is being rushed in. outside the capital city, the situation is still far from clear. >> there have been over flights, but communication between 83 tiny slanz you see there. has been almost impossible. cnn's international correspondent ivan watson has more from the capital port vila. . >> reporter: there's thousands whose homes have been destroyed or seriously damaged around the capital here of port vila. i'm overlooking a valley where a great majority of the trees have been snapped or at the least denude. and by the record winds that rip through friday night. i'm next to a church that more than 100 supreme used as a temporary shelter since their homes were damaged on friday night. what i'm hearing from some of the residents here is that they
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are subsistence farmers, that they make a living basically supply what they grow they survive on what they grow. some say the meager farm have been destroyed by the storm. that mean they've lost their main -- that means they've lost their main source of food. vanuatu is one of the poorest countries in the pacific. and it is still reeling from this terrible storm that has not only destroyed the homes of many people we don't know how many yet, but it's also threatened the livelihoods of many, as well. >> when you look at the image there, it's devastating what they went through. >> especially when you consider there are 83 islands there, and we don't know how bad the december in more remote islands out of port vila. >> it's such a large storm system that many island didn't
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see the impact. it's among the largest storms we've seen in the south pacific and largest in general since haiyan. you put that together in a country that we know the gdb of country, vanuatu comes in at vanuatu. i want to show how remote the islands are. look at the perspective from the major countries nearby, major cities nearby. australia giving it $3.8 million with 1,100 miles from new zealand, antibiotic land northward -- auckland northward, and the damage significant. it was worse than the worst case scenario expected. a lot of people in the country make on the order of $1 per day. damage could exceed tens of millions. the storm system comes in friday into saturday and makes landfall districtly in the capital city
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-- directly in the capital city. winds 270 kph or 165 miles per hour. farther to the south, another large city where it screams across the south pacific, comes in close proximity to auction land and the bay of plenty does not directly impact for them but tens of thousands without power across new zealand because of powerful winds in place. 325 kilometers per hour were the maximum gusts across the region leaving significant damage. here what's left on satellite as it's fizzled across the south pacific. it will go into the books as one of the most memorable storms. and the numbers and fay tals unfortunately you would have to imagine would be far greater than what we're initially seeing because of the remote nature of the slanz and the air strips on the islands are so small. you will imagine eight, nine-foot -- eight, nine-meter storm surges would have washed this away. getting to them by air would be
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challenging. >> luckily the islands aren't as densely populate as where typhoon hay haiyan hit. >> it will be a terrible situation for people. many of the more primitive homes that can't be rebuilt. i don't know where people go from there. thank you very much. >> thank you. if you want to get involve and help victims of cyclone pam just head to i'm sure they will pressure it. on the wait you will fine a list of approved agencies on the ground organizing help for those who desperately need it. again, that is this other story reads like a chapter from a crime novel. a powerful real estate heir arrest for murder. the victim a crime writer. >> now in a documentary series airing on hbo, the network that's actually owned by cnn's
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parent company time-warner, the man under arrest appears to admit to the killing. listen -- >> what the hell did i do it killed them all. >> wow. >> incredible. >> to hear that. even that he agree to do the documentary i find incredibly shocking in and of itself. let alone what he admitted. >> when he knew he was saying that that it was caught on tape. >> not good. >> this mystery has been unsolve for 14 years. >> the murder took place in los angeles. the suspect lived in new york and he was arrest in new orleans. here's annie rose with more. >> reporter: authorities arrest robert durst in new orleans saturday on a los angeles county warrant. the real estate heir is the subject of the hbo documentary series "the jinx." the show has looked at whether durst of involved in a 1982
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disappearance of his wife kathy and the 2000 unsolve slaying of his friend and crime author susan berman. she was shot to death in her home in beverly hills. the los angeles district attorney reopen the berman case last week. the jinx website suggests the show may have persuaded authorities to give it another look and connect the death to durst. >> if you back him in the corner if you threaten his freedom, he'll kill you. >> reporter: "jinx" producers say it's bird flued durst knows what happen to his wife. explores the possibility that berman of murdered because he also knew kathy dust's fate. >> we the jury fine the defendant, robert durst, not guilty. >> reporter: he's no stranger to controversy. he was charged in 2003 for the murder and dismemberment of a neighbor in galveston. hey is he act in self-defense. a jury aquit him in the case. a new orleans expedition hearing is set for monday. durst's attorney says his client will fight the charges in los
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angeles as soon as possible. i'm andy rose reporting. the families of some of the children killed in the mass shooting at a connecticut elementary school sandy hook, of course, are suing the estate of the shooter's mother. the suit actually alleges that nancy lanza, you see there, adam lanza's mother, the cute alleges that he was careless and negligent in leaving a bushmaster rifle unsecured in her home. >> that's right. 20-year-old adam lanza used the assault rifle to kill his mother. then 20 students and six adults at sandy hook elementary before killing himself back in december of 2012. one wrongful death lawsuit blames the killings on a distributor and maker of the bushmfterively rao. . meantime police have made an arrest in the shooting of two officers in the u.s. city of ferguson, missouri. >> that's right. they were shot last week as a protest play out in front of the police department there. mary mueller has more on this story and the suspect's possible motive.
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>> reporter: officials say 20-year-old jeffrey williams fired the shots that hit two police officers in ferguson, missouri wednesday night. st. louis county prosecutor bob mcculloch announced sunday williams was in custody. >> essentially what we've charge him with is firing shots. it's possible at this point that he was firing shots at someone other than the police. but struck the police officers. >> reporter: mcculloch told reporters investigators had matched shell casings found after the shooting to a .40 caliber handgun at williams' home. he arrest sunday night. >> what got police to this point is information that was provided to them by machines of the community. i can't stress -- members of communiti. i can't stress how person it is but in this case it has been invaluable. >> reporter: williams admitted to firing two shots but says he was shooting at somebody else not police. mcculloch says there could be more arrests. >> investigation is still ongoing. >> reporter: shortly after the arrest was announced, protester bishop derek robinson told cnn he had spoken to williams in
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jail. he asked him who he was firing at. >> i asked him to describe the individual. and he said he couldn't. it really sets us back. it's going to be harder to re rebuild the trust within the community. this is cedric alexander, president of noble, the national organization of black law enforcement executives. and on the presidential task force for policing sir, we always appreciate your time and insight on police matters. the first situation in federal so police have arrest jeffrey williams this 20-year-old who -- he says that he not shooting at officers. but clearly they charge him for firing -- allegedly firing a weapon at the officers. how do they determine his motive there? >> well that certainly will be left up to the criminal justice system in the community which i'm quite sure will include police and the district attorney's of there, as well. i would assume that probably at
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the conclusion of their investigation, they will gun make sense of what the motive may have been probably based on other witness sometimes and physical ever which is probably going to play a significant part in that. >> for law enforcement, though what impact did that have? we've seen these protests for many months now, but now to have two police officers who were shot at. what impact did it have on the men and women, you know been the badge? >> let's all be thankful regardless of whether we're police or citizens that the person involve in this has been brought to justice and that these officers continue with a speedy recovery. what's really significant here is this -- that ever since they been hunting for this gentleman, it took both the community and the police that took part in looking for this individual. what is really person here, you think about that commune at
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large in and around ferguson and other communities, too. we know that there's been strained relationship between police and community. what's really significant is here the community got out, went to work. they didn't like it either. no one want to see police hurt. people want peace and a police department that's respectful, inclusive. and a police department in which they can work with. >> you're talking about strained relationships. after that doj report you know, that -- >> which of scathing. scathing report. >> cited several instances of racism there. the police chief, you know has step aside. from your expertise especially as the head of noble, what does a community like that begin all it's gone you through, what does did do? who steps in and how do they turn thing around? >> you know, that leadership in the community, whatever is left of that leadership in that community is going to have make
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some real decisions about setting new foals and objectives -- goals and objectives that include the community in the process. you can not do it in and of yourself. has to be inclusive of the community. any new initiatives, policies any new selection of personnel that will backfill those positions, it becomes very important that that community itself is part of that process. in that way, everybody has ownership and more of a sincere confidence in the process going forward in the community. >> mr. cedric look, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> we appreciate cedric alexander joining us there on set. we are a day away from israeli elections, and it looks like it is going to be a very tight race. we'll have the latest on the big vote including the prime minister's effort to rally support for his party. stay with us. [ male announcer ] you wouldn't leave your car unprotected. but a lot of us leave our identities unprotected. nearly half a million cars were stolen
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t crunch time. we're counting down to the critical parliamentary elections in israel. voters are going to be heading to the polls tuesday. it's going to be a tight race. we don't know who will win between netanyahu and herzog. >> an person vote. the prime minister worked hard on sunday to fight off defeat. in the final opinion polls, his
12:17 am
right wing party narrowly trails the zionist union. for more orrin lieberman is live in jerusalem. so here's the question -- prime minister netanyahu's focus has been on security and on iran. is that what's resonating with voters? is it more the economy? >> reporter: of course these are the two big issues -- security viewed as netanyahu's strongest issue, then the left isaac herzog focusing on the economy. that's where he believes the final undecided voters will go. he believes that's what the majority of israelies are worried about. those are always the two big issues. netanyahu has become an inner in the investigating because he's a polarizing figure. because he insight cites such strong -- incites such strong emotions. he's trying to make sure his voter base is energized. last night he came out in a rally that of course, no coincidence on the timing there right before the elections. he wanted to show that he's strong. tens of thousands of his right
12:18 am
wing followers filling yitzhak rabin square. this after week of the left wing held its own rally. and the keynote speaker was benjamin netanyahu himself. he came out and from the top talked about security. he thanked his followers for being there and said he is the leader to lead israel against the threat a nuclear iran. and then he touched on jerusalem. he said he would never split the city of jerusalem while claiming that isaac herzog would split the city of jerusalem. here's netanyahu. >> translator: as long as likud is in power, there will be no conventions, no withdrawals. therefore our rivals have invested to harm me and likud to open a gap between the likud and labor party. if we don't close the gap there's a danger that a left wing government will rise to power. >> herzog had his own symbolic response. herzog was in jerusalem praying at the western wall.
12:19 am
the holiest site in the world for jews. everyone at the rally knows well what the final road of polling before the elections showed. it showed herzog and main left wing party opening a gap over netanyahu's likud party. guys, it's only four seats. but that four seats is the biggest gap we've seen so far in this election. and george, that's very significant this close to election day. >> and isaac herzog also making the point that he hopes to repair what he says has been damage between israel. the united states. at the same time mr. netanyahu ayou cuesing tycoons outside of the country of pouring money into his campaign. what do you make of mr. herzog, what are the key differences would you say between him and netanyahu. >> in terms of international relations, herzog says that netanyahu has strained the relationship between israel and america. of course everybody here knows that that's critical to the security of the country. remember netanyahu's speech
12:20 am
before congress? he was clear on thanking president barack obama. at the same time we know there's a strained relationship there. herzog has said from the very beginning that he wants to improve the relationship. he wants to work with america, with european powers to improve israel's standing in term of international elections. now the second question you asked -- over the last few days netanyahu has been saying there's foreign money trying to influence the elections. certainly there are organizations like v15 and one voice funded by jewish american billionaires pouring money in. they would like to see a change of regime and would lie to see netanyahu out. at the same time everybody is aware that netanyahu's money in large part comes -- comes from america. we actually checked the state comptroller's website a few days ago. a lot of his campaign money comes from american donations. israelis here are fully aware of that. >> orrin lieberman live in jerusalem in advance of the election. thanks for the insight in what's to come. more than one million
12:21 am
demonstrators took to the streets throughout brazil demanding governmental change and the impeachment of their president. demonstrators shouted "out dilma". president rousseff has been under fire because of the weak economy and also a scandal involving the state-run oil incumbent, as well. she's not been implicated but was, in fact a high-level executive in the company at the time of the alleged corruption. we have seen him on motorcycles, we've seen him without a shirtment. still no sign of russia's president. as rumor swirl about his whereabouts, we want to if vladimir putin shows up at a scheduled appearance.
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firefighters in the city of moscow have put out a blaze that burned part of a centuries' old convent where russian leaders are buried according to the russian news agency. the flames had engulfed scaffolding around a bell tower. the convent dates back from the 15 hundreds and is a -- 1500s and is a unesco heritage site. nikita khrushchev are among those buried there. it's not clear how bad the damage is or whether anyone of hurt. the kremlin is trying to shut down rumors about russian president vladimir putin's whereabouts and his health. they released these photos here on friday of mr. putin meeting
12:25 am
with the head of the supreme court there. >> but putin hasn't been seen in public for more than a week. and in that time he canceled several appearances that were previously scheduled. now the big where is putin question could actually be answered later today as he is scheduled to meet with the president of kyrgyzstan. for more i want to go to our senior international correspondent, matthew chance live in moscow. so obviously a lot of rumors swirling around. we've heard rumor that putin maybe stockton apparently his girlfriend may have -- putin may be sick to apparently his girlfriend may have gone birth. what is the kremlin doing to quash the rumors? >> reporter: it's just denying them. every time that we've spoken to the press secretary of vladimir putin, he's cat good morning denied any rumors appearing on social media saying that they're complete nonsense. i think it's fair to divide the rumors into three categories. you've got the rumors that he's ill, that he's got the flu.
12:26 am
that he's got a bad back. that he's had a stroke. that he's had cancer. they have been denied by the kremlin. the other rumor you referred to the idea that his love child has just been born from his girlfriend. and he's traveled to switzerland to witness the birth. that's been denied as well. in fact it's not been confirmed that vladimir putin has a girlfriend. that's something that's opaque his personal life. more opaque perhaps than his politics. the third rumor which you didn't mention but which is also making the rounds in moscow is that vladimir putin has become victim of a sort of palace coup. that the various powerful factions that vie for influence inside the kremlin have turned against him and he's been toppled. ings that also been categorically denied. i'm afraid i can't shed much light is on what is actually happening. >> the rumors just continue swirling. obviously they will be denying it. you but mr. putin is scheduled to meet with the president of
12:27 am
kyrgyzstan. i assume the meeting is taking on added importance given that nobody knows where he is or if he's even going to attend the meeting? >> reporter: i think that's certainly true. i don't think there's ever been a meeting between the russian and kyrgyzstan leaders before that will attract such media attention. it's scheduled to take place in st. petersburg within the next few hours although i don't have the exact timing. they'll be talking about political and cultural ties. a very run of the mill kind of political meeting between the two figures. but you're right, it is taking on additional importance because vladimir putin has not been seen in public since march 5th. this is the 11th day that he hasn't appeared on russian television live or witnessed anything in public which is incredible for a leader who is normally omnipresent. he's normally on every channel that you flick to kind of seven days a week. again, he hasn't appeared for 11
12:28 am
days now. so that's what's been the source of these rumors and all the speculation. >> so the big question will that meeting with the president of kyrgyzstan take place? we'll keep an eye on it. scheduled to happen the next few hours as matthew mentioned. okay, we appreciate it. thank you very much. an attack on a nun intensifies the anger over violence against women in india amtrak the latest in a live report. keeping iraq's ancient treasures safe from isis and why the tear group is out to destroy them. >> reporter: for isis monuments like these are from the age of ignorance before the advent of islam. and therefore must be destroyed. but for most iraqis they're the achievements of their forefathers and a great source of national pride. this is kevin returning to his childhood home. this is the smell of baked pears, making him feel warm. then pie crust as he wonders if it's too soon to
12:29 am
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welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. you are watching "cnn newsroom." we're glad to have you. i'm george howell. >> i'm zain asher. 3:30 in the morning. let's get straight to headlines. international aid arriving on vanuatu in the aftermath of tropical cyclone pam. relief workers say the damage is much worse than expected with 90% of housing in the capitol seriously damaged. the extent of the destruction is still not clear on the remote island that's make up most of the country. a 20-year-old man is charged with shooting two police officers last week in ferguson, missouri. the prosecutor says the man attempted to fire his gun you but claims he wasn't aiming it at the police -- i should say admitted to firing the guidance. the shooting happened at the end
12:32 am
of a protest again the police department. the officers are still recovering. police have arrested a new york real estate heir as part of a 14-year-old murder mystery. robert durst is ayoucused of killing crime writer assume an berman. a documentary series airing on had been suggests durst may have killed her because she knew what happened to his wife who randomly disappeared in 1982. hbo is owned by cnn's parent company, time-warner. three british teenagers facing terrorism charges are now out on bail. turkish authorities deported them as they tried to enter syria. >> that's right. it is believed that they were planning to join the group isis. atika schubert reports that their return to london indicates an improved cooperation in the battle to fight that group. >> reporter: british counterterror officials learned two 17-year-old males were traveling from northwest london planning to go to syria via
12:33 am
turkey. british officials called up their turkish counterparts and the two teenagers were stopped in turkey along with another 19-year-old male who was traveling with them. that happened on friday. all three deported saturday night. the quick work stopping them in turkey and returning them to the u.k. stands in stark contrast to the three teenage british school girls who travelled from east london also to turkey then spent several days in turkey before they were able to cross you undetected into syria several weeks ago. still questions as to how and why they were able to do that. the fact that the three teenage boys have been stopped does suggest better cooperation from british and turkish officials. the big question now for these teenage boys that are here in the u.k. and for their families is whether or not they will be charged with terror offenses even though they never made it to syria.
12:34 am
cnn, london. a little later today, the united states will repatriate more than 60 artifacts that were struggled out of iraq. this comes at a time when isis is destroying centuries' old antiquities. >> cnn's national correspondent, ben meade weed man went to the ancient city of -- ben wedeman, went to the ancient city of babylon to see why this is personal. ♪ >> reporter: the city of babylon has seen empires come and empires go. built, destroyed, rebuilt, and ransacked time and time again. it dates back almost 4,500 years and remain a symbol of themosopotamia.
12:35 am
it last rebillion by saddam hussein in the 19 -- rebuilt by saddam hussein in the 1980s. one of the palaces looms over the ruins. the renovation includes bricks stamped with his name, describing him as the son of the great babylonian king. one family came to see the ruins. "this wasn't saddam's," he says. "it belonged to our grandfathers the babylonians. not scram." -- not saddam." you but isis' reign of troyer has eclipsed megalomania. last month footage was of posted of destruction of priceless art fax in the mosul museum. they've reportedly bulldozed the ancient cities in northern iraq. "the muslim museum was destroyed," he asks addressing
12:36 am
isis. "that is the heritage of your grandfathers? why did you do that?" south of baghdad back salon out of isis' reach. for isis monuments like these are from the age of ignorance before the advent of islam and, therefore, must be destroyed. but for most iraqis they're the achieve. of their forefathers and a great source of national pride. >> he says this is the victory signing -- >> reporter: parents are preparing for a campout intendeded to teach iraqi boys and girls about their history. "we have to preserve our heritage to show how advanced babylonian civilization was," says money amp "it was the pinnacle of ancient civilization. the assault on iraq's history is taken personally here.
12:37 am
"when i saw what happened i was determined to preserve our antiquities from isis," he says after having fled mosul when isis took over the city. iraq's identity is tied up with its ancient past. in a land where shore measured not in century -- where history is measured not in centuries but millennia. sites like these have a deep personal resonance. "babylon is our soul," says muhammad from the antiquities department. "it's our heritage our history, and we'll defend it." a heritage and history now under assault from latter day barbarians barbarians. ben wedeman, cnn, bob land, iraq. the u.s. state department is trying to downplay secretary john kerry's comments on syria this weekend. he told cbs' "face the nation" that negotiating with syrian president bashar al assad is the
12:38 am
only way to remove him from power and to end the country's civil war. listen -- >> everybody agrees there is no military solution. there is only a politician solution. i am convinced that with the efforts of our allies and, there will be increased pressure on assad -- >> you'd be willing to negotiate with him? >> we have to negotiate in the end. >> negotiate a lot of people talking about that now. the syrian conflict you'll remember is entering its fifth year. assad's regime is blamed for thousands of civilian deaths. the u.s. state department says american policy on assad's removal has not changed. assad's regime is accused of deadly bombings on sunday outside the syrian capital. at least 18 people were killed and more than 100 including children were wounded. london-based monitoring group assyrian group for human rights says assad's warplanes dropped the bombs. it also released the latest
12:39 am
cowens on deaths since the uprising started in 2011. the number is 215,518. more than 100,000 are civilians, 11,000 are children. in the country of india, the outrage over sexual violence is growing with word that an elderly nun was raped. >> an official says a gang of robber forced their way -- robbers forced their way into a christian school in india. one man raped the 70-year-old nun apparently because she raised an alarm and resisted. the attack is sparking new protests. we're joined live from new delhi. this story is incredibly disturbing. very disgusting. i'm curious, how is the nun doing now? >> reporter: she's in hospital. she's being treated and she is in stable condition you now. that's what the police are saying. but the mental trauma that she's had to go through, that's obviously going to take some
12:40 am
time to heal. now what happened is that about seven to eight robbers marched into this school this christian school about 18 miles from the city of calcuttament. when the nun tried to stop them from ransacking the church one of the attacker proceeded to rape her, then they tied her up along with two other nuns and the guard and then marched off with thousands of dollars and also some laptops and also some sacred vessels. now, you know in terms of the latest developments so far questioning is going on. quite a few people have been detained for questioning. so far, no arrests, even though the local media has been showing cctv images which clearly show four to five of the seven to eight attackers. now the arch -- father of the archdiocese of new delhi summed it up. any rape is absolutely historic and outrageous. what makes this so shocking is the fact that she is an elderly
12:41 am
lady. she is around 70 to 72 years old, according to the police here. and the fact that she is a nun. and as the father said she has consecrated her life to god. zain? >> an incredibly frightening story. i'll keep her in my thoughts for sure. you know several churches have been attacked in india recently. there must be some concern among the christian community there. >> reporter: that's right. of at least five churches have been attacked in delhi alone, the capital of india. and several reports of other churches being attacked across the country yesterday, as well. a church that's currently under construction again about two hours outside of delhi, being attacked as well. there is this growing concern that the christian community in particular is feeling that they are in some ways being targeted perhaps being persecute edd. there's been reports of
12:42 am
christians and muslims being forcefully converted into hinduism. all of this as hindu, you know, you've got a hindu nationalist party in power. and there's concern that these groups fringe elements of the larger party here is in some ways being emboldened now. and again, you you can't directly make the link at the moment. the police saying they can't -- they don't know for sure what the motive was even though in this case it appears to be a robbery. still, that is the larger narrative right now in india. >> thank you so much. the 70-year-old nun, we will keep her in our you thoughts and wish her a speedy recovery. as you mentioned, she is in hospital now. thank you. appreciate it. >> gruesome situation there. >> gruesome. thank you for watching. stay with us. humor? will continue after this.
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a practice run at an air show in malaysia turned deadly. two indonesian military planes clipped one another near the airportment one of the planes appears there to have burst into flames and crashed. reports say all four pilots were able to safely eject. the u.s. winter seems to have skipped right to summer. pedram javaheri joins us. this is really no joke. there was the los angeles marathon and there were dozens
12:46 am
of races that had to be taken to the hospital. we're talking about temperatures up to 90 degrees. >> yeah. pretty impressive. los angeles, of course doesn't have much of a winter to begin with. when you take your 12w4r57 are tape cal for -- 70s that are typical for this time of year 1, 11 rk1, -- 19 degrees fahrenheit and push it up dramatic. downtown los angeles, 19 -- 93 degrees. we know of course the race starting in the morning hours. officials spraying water and trying to pass on water, do anything they can to help with the runners. but still, 47 of the runners were treated for ailments. 15 hospitalized. we know a 61-year-old man suffered cardiac arrest at the 22nd mile marker toward the end of the race because the temperatures were starting to really heat up. and again, it should be at around 70 fahrenheit. 90s were the theme across the region of southern california.
12:47 am
really have been the last couple of days. in fact look at the setup when it comes to the offshore component of the winds. higher elevations the cooler air, once it goes to the lower elevation heights heats by way of compression. any time you compress air, you warm it up. essentially like taking a bicycle pump and compressing the air testimony heats the air up. -- air up. heats the air up. and with the storm system on the horizon, we expect thing to cool heading into tuesday. another close to 0-degree day in the forecast -- 90-degree day in the forecast in los angeles before it drops off. phoenix, a cooling trend toward wednesday and thursday. on the other side of the united states heat also the theme. air surging north. some of the warmest weather of the northern plains since october. of course the snow melt has been prevalent. 63% of the u.s. had snow on the ground as of two weeks ago. now 10%. we leave with video out of the
12:48 am
ohio river in cincinnati as the roads starting to take on water. of course warm weather. a lot of people enjoying it. you would. this slowly, but some of these areas have seen temperature go from what would bed considered very much in the heart of winter now almost late spring to early summer across the region. good news some more cold air will return. the rain and melting are not helping out. >> i can't imagine which is worse. would you rather the heat wave or would you rather -- >> mother nature's not making it easy. >> i'm sure that they are happy in the northeast that it's warmer because when you think about all the snow that they got here over the last several months -- >> yes, and boston broke the record sunday for most snow for the season. they passed to the record books. so -- >> thanks. >> thank you very much. pop star elton john is furious over comments made by dolce and gabbana. next why he is calling for a boycott. plus justin bieber phase the roasting of -- faces the
12:49 am
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and get this document shredder free -- a $29 value -- when you use promo code go. call now. every year around this time productivity around u.s. offices tends to slow down. that's because it is march. and basketball fans are getting ready for the ncaa men's college
12:52 am
basketball tournament. aka march madness. that was a mouthful. i'm from london and so i'm going to have george teach me everything i need to know about college football -- no basketball. >> okay. well basketball. and we've got to start with the bracket. here's what it look like. the tournament starts with 68 teams. that dwindles down to just one national champion -- >> so complicated to me. >> it is complicated and a gamble too. this time the number-one seed and only undefeated team in the tournament is kentucky. the tournament play begins on tuesday. however, maybe kentucky is the one to watch. let's keep an eye on my texas longhorns, university of texas. >> yeah. not bad -- nice plug there. okay support is growing for elton john's campaign to boycott dolce & gabbana over their commence about in vitro fertilization. in an interview for an italian magazine the fashion designers
12:53 am
called children born through ivf "synthetic." that got the british pop star fired up. >> that's right. earlier i spoke with kim serafin, senior editor for "in touch weekly" magazine about the story and their opinions and other entertainment stories this week. kim, sir elton john telling people they should boycott dolce & gabbana because their statement saying that children born by ivf are synthetic children. obviously elton john has two children born by ivf. very upset about this yeah? >> yeah. elton john, four someone who speaks out on issue he cares about -- this certainly hit a nerve with him. something that's person to him. he basically said your archaic thinking is out of step with the times like your fashions. he called for a boycott of dolce & gabbana. a lot of other stars joined in and basically said yes, thank you for saying something like that. ricky martin, sharon stone. a lot of celebrities are supporting him. dolce & gabbana did each put out
12:54 am
separate statements about this interview. they had given the interview where they made the skments about fertility and traditional families. they both said in sometimes that they were putting their own views out there. they weren't being judgmental on anyone else's views. they put out statements. elton john very powerful voice. he's got a lot of twitter follower and people listen to what he has to say. >> let's talk about pharrell williams and "blurred lines." gaye's family is looking at another possible that may be similar. they're saying "ain't that peculiar" may be similar to "happy." >> yeah. of course this of a big trial and a big verdict for marvin gaye's family. a big settlement. over $7 million, as you mentioned, because of "blurred lines." now there are members of marvin gaye's family whose daughter and ex-wife have made some comments saying that "happy" is similar
12:55 am
to one of marvin gaye's song as well. there have been no charge filed yet. if you want to hear the two songs together, go on the internet. there's a bunch of mashups putting the songs together. they do sound very similar. there's been a lot of controversy about this decision because there's a lot of people in the music industry who are saying does this hurt creativity with music. on the other hand of course you can't steal someone else's music -- or you can use it you but give them credit. this will be talked about a lot within the music industry. >> i went back on youtube to listen to "ain't that peculiar." there are similarities. it will be interesting to see how it plays out. let's talk about justin bieber. maybe he's gotten more mature? i don't know. that comedy central roast, seems like he had the last laugh. didn't it? >> yes. you know we've been waiting to see what this comedy central roast would bring for justin bieber. they taped it saturday night. a lot of comedians came out and
12:56 am
tore into justin bieber. even poem like martha stewart of out -- people like martha stewart was out there and served up jokes to justin bieber. will ferrell showed up as his "anchorman" character and took swipes at everything, about justin justin's music, crazy antics egg throwing public urination the brushes with the law. he came up at the end of the roast and apologized. he basically said look i know that i acted out basically for the past few years. and this is not who i am. this is not who i want to be. i want people to like me for my music essentially. then backstage i think with reporters, he said he was flying to vegas on his private jet. i don't think anyone has to worry. i think he's going to be fine. it was nice that he gave a sincere apology and knew what he's been doing the past few years has lost him some fans. sounds like he's trying to turn things around. >> the biebs may be growing up. what do you think? >> let's hope it not too late to turn thing around. got a few enemies. >> the comedians there, they
12:57 am
were not kind to justin bieber. here are some of the jokes that made the list. a couple of joke here. >> yeah. shaquille o'neal said "last year you were ranked the fifth most-hated person of all time. kim jong-un didn't rank that low, and he uses your music to torture people." not very nice. >> okay. here's another one. "they say that you roast the ones you love," buress said "but i don't like you, man. i'm happy new year because it's a good opportunity -- i'm here because it's a good tune for me." >> thank you very much for watching. >> thank you. net? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? (cough!) it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this.
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. right now, secretary of state john kerry meeting with the iranian foreign minister over iran's nuclear program as some senators now regret signing the letter to ayatollah khomeini. . new detailing on the ferguson shooting. and cold case. robert durst. could a tv show reveal the murder? fascinating. welcome to "early start."